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As a psychotherapist and advocate for mental health, as well as a Christian who ministers in music and the expressive arts, it has become increasingly important to me to promote healing through these modalities. Through the expressive arts we are able to experience a whole body activity that can promote a connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to bring an understanding that in other times may be more difficult to understand.  We often go to concerts, plays, broadways shows, operas, museums, art galleries, ballets, and many other platforms to show case the arts where we find ourselves experiencing a wholistic emotional experience. I find that if we encourage expression in these ways we will often begin to healing process, find avenues to express our emotions when we can not find the words, as well as learning to identify and express our emotions more openly and freely.  Through these various workshops the aim to assist the participant to engage in the whole brain activity of identifying their emotions, placing their emotions to words or other forms of expression, and gain insight into their reactions and how they may heal through the various obstacles that are placed in our journey of life. It is my hope, that through these forms of self-expression, that we may discover the beauty of growth, the insight into practicing and living in faith, and leaning on God to give understanding and evidence of His love for us.

Brooklyn LeeAnn Campbell

Memorial Workshop Series


The Brooklyn LeeAnn Campbell Memorial Workshop Series are designed to help the participant identify their emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and explore ways to express themselves with the creative and expressive arts. It is at times difficult for one to put into words their experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Often these experiences can become paralytic leading to the inability for the individual to express their anxieties, pain, sadness, and any and all complex emotions.

Through a variety of modalities, this series of workshops will encourage the participant actively engage in self expression through painting, drawing, music, songwriting, song interpretation, and other forms of the creative and expressing arts.  ALL donations designated to this workshop series will go toward the creation, implementation, and execution of these workshops.

Brooklyn loved music, loved to sing, loved the Lord, and most especially loved to sing praise and worship.  She was incredibly creative and was always ready to sing.  She was compassionate and longed for others to be happy and self-confident even when she was struggling herself. Her passion for others, her love for music, and her contagious smile and laughter is what will be remembered the most. 

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