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Song Writing Workshop

Sometimes words are hard to find when expressing our emotions and thoughts. When the emotions are too overwhelming,or when our situation seems to much to bare, we often become silent, suffering in our own stream of consciousness which is at times not friendly.

The song writing workshops not only facilitate a systematic approach to penning lyrics, creating melodies, but also encourage the participant to identify these hard to express feelings, identifying words to express them, and ultimately placing them in a context that can be shared through the interactive and whole-brained experience of music.

It is my hope that these workshops will enhance one's ability to express themselves in not only a therapeutic way but a way that can bring people together.

Song Interpretation Master Class

The art of song interpretation is a skill that will assist the participant in delivering the message of song to the intended audience. Conducted in a "master class" format, each participant will be asked to prepare a song of their choice to perform in front of the other participants. Once presented to the group, the master class leader will then work with the participant to help them identify the emotion, content, and meaning of the song. The participant will be given ideas for connecting with the emotional tone of the song, understanding the message intended, explore their own connection to the emotional undertones and meanings, and ultimately encouraged not only perform the song, but to deliver the song to the audience in a way that delivers each of these components.

Brooklyn LeeAnn Campbell Memorial Workshop Series

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