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"Shrink Wrapped" is coming!

Several years ago and good friend, and fellow mental health professional, of mine encouraged me to start blogging my thoughts about mental health in general and my experiences of being a therapist. I must admit, that I never really gave it too much thought. Confidence in putting my thoughts out for everyone to read was a bit overwhelming and remains so today. However, after more than 25 year so being in this field, seeing numerous clients, and being a long time of student of psychology I have come to realize that we must talk about it! Talk about it loud enough for all to hear, but not so loud to keep people from hearing the message.

I believe we are all hesitant to speak on mental health issues. For one reason or another we are worried that we will be judged either as having battled mental illness ourselves, the embarrassment of the actions of our family and friends who are struggling to remain stable, or just not having the energy to get into the conversation. Sadly, by doing so, we continue to perpetuate the stigma that so often accompanies mental health issues.

It is my hope, that is the days to come, that I will find myself talking openly about the journey on which God has placed me in this platform. I am no stranger to anxiety and/or depression and at times it seems to take more energy than I can possibly muster just to get the words to formulate in my mind, more less getting them to form sentences to express my inner most thoughts with even the people whom I love the most.

With the encouragement of my family and friends, I am committed to doing what I feel I have been called to do. And more significantly, with the strength I find in my Fatih and walk with God I know I will be given the opportunity and stamina needed to begin the conversations myself.

My good friend, and colleague, always enjoys a good play on words. I do too! Therefore, as a therapist and musician who is attempting my best at spreading awareness to mental health issues, I hope to wrap it all up together in this blog. She lovingly referred to this blog as "Shrink Wrapped". So, I guess it also

Clinic office of Jason Francis.
Clinic Office of Jason Francis

has stuck in my mind. So, far now, let's get the conversations started.

That's a wrap!


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